Hi. My name is Grace Bear and this year I turned the big ONE SIX!! On my 12th birthday, I started Timid Lilly with my Mom with the intention of creating beautiful jewelry, and selling it so that I could give part of the proceeds back to various charities that have touched my heart. I vowed to donate 10% of my profits to these charities, and so far, with the support of so many people both friends and strangers, I have been able to write multiple checks to:

The Humane Society of the United States


Cabot Panther Foundation 

Walk for Wheezy

Junior Auxiliary of Cabot

Heroes and Angels 

Lonoke County Safe Haven

I am so excited that in the past four years, we have no only quadrupled our sales and expanded our market, we have also expanded our product line to include tee shirts, doormats, coffee mugs, bag tags, ornaments and so much more. And yes, we are still making jewelry!

We specialize in creating unique, custom, personalized items that you can gift yourself or others. No matter what you want or need, we can create it. From dog bowls, to coffee mugs, from tee shirts, to throws and pillowcases, doormats to luggage or sports equipment bag tags, we can make it personal to you! Be sure to LIKE our page on Facebook so you can see everything that we release! Our goal is to be your online go-to for all of your custom, personalized gifts!

We are not trying to be a mass exporter of goods (yes, I know what that means, my Mom used to work for an international logistics company). We want to appeal to the smaller crowds and make sure that each piece we sell is made with precision and detail. Customers become friends and friends become family.

About me: I am about to start my junior year in high school and finished my sophomore year with a 4.0 GPA. I am a catcher for my high school softball team and this was my first summer not playing travel ball.  In 2012, I was featured in American Girl Magazine and was named Young Philanthropist 2012 for another self propelled project I created called Tough Girl Tutus, where I made and sold 50 tutus, and donated 100% of the proceeds to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. I enjoy talking to my Dad about all sorts of things like sports, science, books, current news, and of course his exciting job as an Air Force C130 pilot instructor/evaluator. I also like spending time with my dog Lilly (and yes, she is timid and shy, but the sweetest dog you will ever meet), spending time with my friends, and doing all sorts of things with my Mom. When we aren’t working, I like just talking to her, being around her whether it’s spending a day shopping or driving in the car listening to music. And I love eating poke with her. I might be young, but I have a lot of plans to make a big difference in this world- all before I go to undergraduate and then dental school.

Take a look around our website- we are always creating new products that I myself would wear or use. My company represents me, my style, and what I stand for, which is 'giving back'. My Mom always taught me that creating makes a heart happy, but giving makes a heart whole.

I am very blessed, and am grateful to have two parents that love me, and allow me to live my life to the fullest! I have an extended family that loves and supports my dreams, the best friends a girl could ask for, and supporters that believe in me, even when I started this crazy dream of mine at age 12.  Thank you so much for your support!